1.     How long have you been involved with Immunization Ambassadors?
Since the beginning—I’m guessing I was one of the first 50 or so members.
2.     What made you decide to become an Immunization Ambassador?
Well, it was Michelle Bonjour (IA’s co-founder) leading the effort! She’s charismatic and when you believe in something, you’re pleased to learn there’s a way to “fly the flag.”
3.     Have you always been passionate about vaccine advocacy?
I knew nothing about vaccines before I became involved with STChealth. However, when you eventually understand that vaccines have been the triumph of science, it makes you proud to have any connection to the community making vaccines happen. [TT1] 
4.     What advice do you have for dispelling misinformation that the anti-vaxxer community promotes? 
At this point, debate is fruitless. I’ve heard health professionals say they can win an argument with facts, but I’ve come to understand that important decisions aren’t about facts. No, facts are just feelings wearing camo. So, all I can do is offer enthusiasm about vaccines and hope it’s contagious.
5.     Why did you get the COVID-19 vaccine? 
I couldn’t wait! There was no hesitation for me. Oh, and those videos of people in hospitals gasping for air while in ultimate loneliness? Heartbreaking. Who wouldn’t want to get on the other side of that? 
6.     What do you think is the most important thing for people to know about vaccines?   
Just what a miracle they are. If we could get the world to watch the documentary on Dr. Maurice Hilleman (hillemanfilm.com) there would be awe—not debate—about vaccines.

Dale Dauten