On November 13th, 2021, Immunization Ambassador co-founders Michelle Bonjour and Lara Popovich joined several other Immunization Ambassadors at McDowell Mountain in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona for a 24-hour run-a-thon called the Ragnar Relay, which IA also sponsored. As you know, bringing the community together to support health—whether it be through immunization education, or other physical or mental health efforts—is a huge part of IA’s mission, and we jump at the opportunity to support these efforts any chance we get.

Check out Michelle’s write-up on the experience—and don’t forget to connect with your local Immunization Ambassadors for more fun community events!:

As some of you heard a few of our Immunization Ambassadors & STC staff ran Ragnar over the weekend.  Ragnar is a trail run at McDowell Mountain.  It’s 8-person relay and each person runs 3 loops for a total of 120 miles (Loop 1 = 4.1 miles, Loop 2 = 4.5 miles, Loop 3 = 6.6 miles).  The team has 24 hours to complete.

The run is no joke and I’m pretty sure RACHEL and LANA had no idea what they were getting into – which is why the agreed to run.  Of course, they ROCKED it, did amazing, and had the best attitudes.  DANIEL, came mid-day to run 1 loop because we were short a runner, he did so awesome on the 1st loop and was having so much fun that he ran an extra loop!  Speaking of extra loops, LARA, came in clutch running the 6.6 mile loop not once, but TWICE!!

Despite the lack of sleep, comfort, meals, and 15+ miles of running in the mountains, everyone was incredible, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team.

A very big THANK YOU for stepping out of comfort zones and trying something new.

Who’s in for Ragnar 2022?!

  • Michelle Bonjour