A community of immunization advocates who want to educate and engage others through social channels. See how other Immunization ambassadors are spreading #WhyIVax



What makes an Immunization Ambassador?

Socially Connected

online or off, we are looking for interaction and engagement with anyone who will listen.
Its those who want to talk, share, chat, tweet and connect that we want on our team.

community leader

Immunization Ambassadors come from many perspectives.
They lead by example and share their words and actions.


It doesn’t matter where your views come from or what obstacles you come across. You are committed to the same cause as us; protecting people against vaccine preventable disease.

passionately respectful

We believe in immunization 100% and we want to shout it from the mountain tops but we share our passion with consideration and respect for other views and experiences.


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See how other Immunization Ambassadors are spreading #WhyIVax

SNCCLA SNCCLA @SNCCLA Doctors Argue To Let Minors Override Anti-Vax Parents https://t.co/PaUGhakCNG Anyone giving or receiving vacs - man… https://t.co/rohDvxrH7i 45 minutes ago
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SNCCLA SNCCLA @SNCCLA Bill Would Remove Religious Exemption from Vaccination https://t.co/XHofGBTQFG Vaccine Safety Educated oppose vacc… https://t.co/RmvceKPGW4 6 hours ago
Laura Lawler, MD Laura Lawler, MD @DocLauraLawler #JynErso is #happy because she’s getting immunizations today! #VaccinesWork I vaccinate Jyn because it protects he… https://t.co/mp8dQVn90D 8 hours ago
Capt. Mitochondrion Capt. Mitochondrion @openmitochondro RT @JenniferMarguli: A mom of 12 fully vaccinated kids says 7 came down with the measles. When she called NY public health they told her ab… 9 hours ago
Flat Earth City Flat Earth City @FlatEarthCity RT @SNCCLA: Has there ever been a 30,000% increase in anything that wasn't front page news? Why is no one willing to tackle the real proble… 18 hours ago

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