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Imms Ambassadors Imms Ambassadors @WhyIVax 💗 This! #WhyIVax https://t.co/MA4hguoLgl 14 hours ago
Lara Popovich Lara Popovich @Mrscoachpop RT @swimwildcat: HPV vaccine complete and protected from this bad virus. Keeping my babes healthy! #WhyIVax #immunizationambassadors @stcho 15 hours ago
Trump vs. Science Trump vs. Science @TrumpvsScience RT @WhyIVax: Protect yourself with the strongest #armor, #vaccines #vaccineswork #WhyIVax #MemorialDayWeekend #Knights #worldwide #healt #g 2 days ago
Imms Ambassadors Imms Ambassadors @WhyIVax Protect yourself with the strongest #armor, #vaccines #vaccineswork #WhyIVax #MemorialDayWeekend #Knightshttps://t.co/Szx1dzvRlr 2 days ago
Scott Krugman, MD Scott Krugman, MD @Dr_ScottK Good news - 14 yrs after 2nd MMR 18yo is immune to mumps so no need for 3rd on the way to college. Amazing how well… https://t.co/6tVwD4WH0l 2 days ago
Jacy Fitzpatrick Jacy Fitzpatrick @Jacyrae5 RT @DrMwende: Immunization Ambassadors and the Shot@Life Campaign: https://t.co/vCCIKBZCkl #WhyIVax 2 days ago
Francisco Martínez Francisco Martínez @doorsjm1 RT @AAPninossanos: Asegúrese de estar al día con las vacunas de sus niños. #NIIW. #WhyIVax - #Ivax2Protect. https://t.co/fMRfbkefJg https:… 3 days ago
Robyn Correll Robyn Correll @RobynCorrell RT @AboutPediatrics: Consequences of the Anti-Vaccine Movement https://t.co/D3YVLO8BnI It's not just about triggering outbreaks. #WhyIVax 3 days ago
Alex Alex @AlexOfOz_88 RT @EwEdmiston: Join me! Grassroots movement 2 promote healthy #families https://t.co/77bthJBNqJ #WhyIVax #ImmunizationAmbassadors https://… 3 days ago
Willy Vuong Willy Vuong @Specialist88 German kindergartens to report parents for refusing vaccine advice under new law https://t.co/9l4FGcSmcC via @TheScope @stchome #WhyIVax 3 days ago

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Online or off, we are looking for interaction and engagement with anyone who will listen. Its those who want to talk, share, chat, blog, tweet and connect that we want on our team.


Immunization Ambassadors come from many perspectives. They lead by example and share their convictions through words and actions.


It doesn’t matter where your views come from or what obstacles you come across. You are committed to the same cause as us; protecting people against vaccine preventable disease.


We believe in immunization 100% and we want to shout it from the mountain tops but we share our passion with consideration and respect for other views and experiences.

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