STChealth’s Immunization Ambassador group for vaccine advocacy and education is more important than ever when it comes to the new COVID-19 vaccine. The faster the majority of the population gets fully vaccinated, the faster everyone can get back to doing all the things they love; and the Immunization Ambassadors are looking to incentivize those who share their vaccination story. 

How can you get involved?  

  • Starting April 1, participate in the monthly #CancelCovid giveaways. Anyone who signs up to become an  Immunization Ambassador and shows proof of their COVID immunization will be entered to win a $100 gift card! Just tag Immunization Ambassadors (@immunizationambassadors on instagram, @whyivax on twitter) when you post a picture of yourself receiving the vaccine on social media and use #CancelCovid and #WhyIVax to help spread the message! 
  • Shop for #CancelCovid merchandise, now available on the Immunization Ambassador online shop
  • Use the brand new #CancelCovid Facebook frame to support the movement – just edit your profile picture, click “Add Frame”, search for “Cancel Covid” and use the first frame that appears. 

“We understand that people have concerns about the vaccines (read this Q&A with experts for more information about how to combat vaccine hesitancy), but it is our collective responsibility to support Public Health in the rollout and administration of the COVID vaccine.” said Co-Founder of the Immunization Ambassador group, Michelle Bonjour. 

According to STChealth Epidemiologist Dr. Kyle Freese, COVID-19 vaccines are the strongest Public Health intervention tool we have at our disposal. Want to feel safe eating at your favorite restaurant with friends and family? Want to work up a sweat at the gym or your favorite exercise studio? Or maybe you just want to be free of the stress and anxiety that comes with living through a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines are the FASTEST and EASIEST path forward. 

Join the movement and encourage friends/family/neighbors/co-workers to #CancelCovid by getting a vaccine.