We first discovered Lydia, co-founder of Back to the Vax, on Twitter

Her feed was filled with helpful resources, vaccine related myth busting, and honest tales of her journey breaking free from the anti-vax community and making health and immunization based choices based on scientific facts rather than hateful anti-vax rhetoric and dangerous myths and misconceptions. Her humor, honesty and vulnerability drew us in, and we knew we had to connect. Upon our first introductory meeting with Lydia, we found a smart, kind, energetic and quick-witted person who truly wanted to help others when it came to navigating making health based decisions for themselves and their children. 

Through Lydia’s work, she helps parents navigate the often difficult world of understanding childhood vaccines, equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to make the best possible choices for the health of their families. 

Without further ado, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Lydia and help share her story of transitioning from a hard-core anti-vaxxer to an immunization advocate. 

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