10 Questions with VaxTeen Founder Kelly Danielpour
December 9, 2020

We sat down with Kelly Danielpour, who founded vaccination advocacy group VaxTeen at the age of 16, to discuss how young

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Coping with Covid: How to Handle Pandemic Stress
December 8, 2020

If it feels like you’ve aged 20 years over the course of the year 2020, you’re not alone. In fact, in

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Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day — Here’s What That Means For You
November 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is National Family Health History Day! But what does that mean, and why is it a thing in the first

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How to Have a COVID-19 Free Thanksgiving
November 17, 2020

While the holidays present a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends and family, they also present an opportunity for illnesses like

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